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Avon Planet Spa African Shea Foot And Elbow Cream

By luc9999 · January 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have used this cream for ages but decided to review it as I have got a new hand cream and thought I could review and compare the two. I haven't used the new one (Palmers cocoa butter formula) yet so I'll compare them when I get round to using it. That probably wont be for a long time because I want to use it for a few weeks before I tell you my opinion, plus I have to let my hands get dry again :P

Onto the review...


Cost: (don't know - I didn't buy it) no more the £5.00.

Weight: 75ml.

Packaging quality (/10): 4.

Good Points: I know it's for foot and elbows but I use it for hands last thing at night because it is very thick. However it is absolutley brilliant after about a week of using it on dry hands every day. It also softens my cuticules as well.

Bad Points: When I wake up in the morning my hands are still a little bit greasy but it's not too bad. I can't use it in the morning because, although the smell is quite nice - it isn't to anyone else you meet in the day. I didn't give it good marks for packaging because once you have put the cram on your hands you have to screw on the lid again, which is annoying. The mixture is quite thick, thicker than suncream so takes a while to soak in.

Would I re-purchase? Definatley but I might have to transfer the butter into a new container that has a push down nozzle.

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A New Years Party Guide

By luc9999 · December 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


If you are stuck for what to wear to this years party then you can't go wrong with a your 'little black dress' and a few classy accessories.


The Bright Cocktail Dress 

A bright coloured dress will go great with a nude shoe or silver/gold sandal heels


The Grecian Dress

 This trend is still great for this year as long as you dont go too 'grecian godess'! and by that I mean the gladiator sandals ;)

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By luc9999 · November 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

1. Pile on spinach, tomatoes, sweetcorn etc.

2. DON'T add extra cheese. It adds extra fat and calories

3. Buy plain cheese and tomato to add healthy fillings yourself

4. Make a side salad with plenty of lettuce, cottage cheese etc.

5. Leave some for leftovers. You could slice the pizza into 1/4 and share with friends or family or leave some for lunch the next day. Fill up on side salad to make sure you don't sneak back into the fridge to have more

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The punk rock trend: essential wardrobe items

By luc9999 · November 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Here are a few edgy pieces you will need to 'rocker the rocker look', the most important item being the biker jacket. Think The Ramones!! Studded biker jackets are in trend this season as well as studded combat boots too. An alternative to the biker jacket is a denim jacket, although try to avoid this when you are wearing denim jeans/shorts too. I know the double denim trend is in right now but it's unlikley to last (at least I hope it doesn't, I think it's awful!)

Combat boots are a great way to 'grunge up' a girly dress, such as the white one (above) from TopShop. If you do wear a dress, pick a plain light colour or a dark patterened dress but make sure you wear it with edgy accessories ... or a biker jacket ... or combat boots. An alternative to boots is Converses.

Onto the laced tights now. Don't chuck them away when they start to ladder: it just adds to the effect. Wear them with a dress or under shorts. As for shorts choose a pair of high waisted cut off shorts. I can't find the style in the picture above anywhere so you could always cut up a pair of your mums old jeans.

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. For a 'rocker' look choose black skinny jeans or (if you don't want a completly black wardrobe) acid wash jeans.

My favourite essential item is the rock band T-shirt. Whether it's The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, Guns n Roses or Iron Maiden, wear an oversized T-shirt, or even a man's T-shirt as the women's T-shirts can have shorter arm lengths.

Studded accesories are also in fashion at the moment, but avoid wearing every studded item you own at the same time.

Onto your make-up. You can wear plenty of eyeliner - but don't attack your face with it. I'm sure there are "how-to" tuts or youtube.com. Also, red lipstick is another essential item in your wardrobe, especially if you are going for a Blondie or Courtney Love look.

So, those are the essential items you need and here a few inspirations to look at...

from left to right: Taylor Momsen, Alicepoint, online clothes store model

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Have you discovered Etsy?

By luc9999 · November 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

The best way to describe Etsy.com is like an eBay 'buy it now' store for handmade and vintage items. This site is a great way to find individual item many other people are unlikely to have. The site is also ver good, allowing easy communication between buyer and seller.

Here are a few of my favourite sellers and favourite items:

This seller was one of the first sellers I ever bought from. I liked a necklace but was reluctant to buy because I did not know how it would sit on my neck. I sent a message to the seller about this, if she had a mannequin she could put it on. She replied very quickly and sent pictures of what it looked like on her as she did not have a mannequin. This seller sells absolultley gorgeous and cute necklaces, earrings, rings etc. all at reasonable prices and is very friendly and helpful. I couldn't recomend this seller enough - especially at these prices and these peices would make great christmas/birthday gifts. I urge you to check out ClementinesJewlery

 Cute small bow earrings - £6.40

 Fly away sparrow necklace - £8.96 

Sideways Cross Necklace - THE ORIGINAL - Small Handcrafted 14K Gold Filled Cross As Seen On Kelly Ripa And Taylor JacobsonThis seller also has lots of pretty jewelery, although more expensive. One of it's best sellers is the Side ways cross necklace (left). I have not bought anything from this seller but I have heard good reviews. If you'd prefer there are also sideways initial pendants (and these can also be bought it sold gold too)




Sideways Cross Necklace - THE ORIGINAL - Small Handcrafted 14K Gold Filled Cross As Seen On Kelly Ripa And Taylor JacobsonThere are also many other jewlery sellers such as ones who sell 'funky' earings like the Orange slice earrings from foundlings jewlery - you can even buy lego earrings!


Finally - just have a look around because there is more than just handmade jewelery. There's ornaments, photo frames, pottery, bags, candles - there is even wedding dresses! Etsy.com is well worth a look

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What's in your school bag?

By luc9999 · November 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

The bag When choosing a bag you must choose based on which is more important to you - looking fashionable or practical

Bag: ALDO Here are a some choices:

  • Rucsack - although not fashionable they are so much better than shoulder bags for your back. However some rucsacks may not even fit as much in as fashionable bags
  • Tote/hobo bag - great for a p.e. kit too - and you can find big and trendy ones just about anywhere although you may want one with plenty of little pockets for all your bits and bobs


Inside your bag

  1. Purse - always handy ;)
  2. Keys - how else will you get in the house?
  3. Pencil cases - inside you'll need black pens, colour pens, hilighters, calculator, pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, ruler, a memory stick, sticky labels
  4. Mp3 player (or whatever music player you have) - for boring bus journeys to college
  5. Diary/planner - my diary organises my whole life!
  6. To-do list (if you are as obsesed with writing these as me)
  7. Body spray/perfume - for after the gym
  8. Water bottle - again, for after the gym or just to keep yourself hydrated
  9. Lunch box
  10. Umbrella - for rainy days
  11. Hairbrush
  12. Mirror
  13. Bus pass
  14. A good book
  15. Make up bag - for touching up your make up throughout the day
  16. 'Stuff' bag - I usually carry as 'stuff' bag where I put in my lypsyl, hand cream, hand sanitiser gel, gum, paracetmol, a nail file, spare keys, hair ties, nail clippers. If you wear braces you could always carry a toothbrush in here too
  17. Folders - finally all of your folders and coursebooks for all of your subjects
  18. I also usually have a 'stuff' folder where I put timetables, random bits of paper etc.
  19. Lockers If you find that you have too much to carry around all day you could always get a locker. If you don't want to leave your your folders at college (because you need to do homework and home etc.) then you could take a second bag to put your folders in - put them in there as soon as you get to college and just carry one bag around
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